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I'm a novelist and an award-nominated journalist at The Independent, based in New York.

I'm based in New York City, but I'm originally from Paris, France, meaning I'm bilingual in French and English.

My debut thriller THE QUIET TENANT will be published in 2023 by Knopf in the US and Little, Brown in the UK. Rights have sold in 30 territories. You can find out more about the book here and here. Oh, and here.

I also wrote a book in French, which was published in 2020. It's about a female bodybuilder tasked with managing her sister's bakery. Really, it's about bodies and the tricky task of feeling at home in them. You can find out more about it here.

I studied political science and journalism at Sciences Po, in Paris, and I have an MS degree from Columbia Journalism School.


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My debut thriller THE QUIET TENANT will be published in 2023 by Knopf in the US and Little, Brown in the UK. Rights have sold in 30 territories.

You can find out more about the book in this write-up by Publishers Weekly and in this report by The Bookseller.



I'm a Senior People Writer at The Independent. Here are some recent pieces I've written on the job:

DB Cooper hijacked a plane, stole a pile of cash, and vanished. Fifty years on, a ‘hero’ flight attendant speaks out

Natalie Wood’s sister insists her death wasn’t an accident – is it time we listened?


Serial killers, brutal murder and the rise of the podcast detectives

Past work:

In early 2019, I interviewed Liam Neeson. After the resulting article made global headlines, I wrote more about that interview and the way it unfolded. As a result of this interview, I was shortlisted for a British Journalism Award (Scoop of the Year) and for a National Press Award (Scoop: Popular Life).

A year later, in early 2020, I covered Harvey Weinstein's criminal trial on the ground in New York City. Here are some of the pieces I wrote during that time:

‘Listen to survivors’: Harvey Weinstein trial begins with protests, outrage and a call for respect

Tense, ferocious and historic: Inside the courtroom at Harvey Weinstein trial

We’re in this club we never wanted to be in’: Harvey Weinstein silence breakers find solidarity as trial rages on

Against all sexist odds, Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault. This is history

As he was sentenced to 23 years, Weinstein spoke about his case for the first time — and proved he'd learnt nothing

Why there’s no such thing as a perfect victim: What Harvey Weinstein’s trial taught us about sexual assault

I enjoy interviewing authors. I have spoken to Curtis Sittenfeld about her novel Rodham, to Rumaan Alam about Leave the World Behind, to Paul Tremblay about Survivor Song, and to Hank Green about A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor. I also wrote this insider look at the publishing process, from the first draft to the shelves.

One last thing to know about me: I'm French – so French I went to school with one of the actors in Emily in Paris. Let me tell you about the time my high school heartthrob was crowned one of the sexiest men alive.

I've written about what it's like to work as a journalist in a second language, and about the sweet loneliness of television in a foreign language

Oh, and I once ranked every single episode of Friends. (There are 236 in total, in case you're wondering.)

Media appearances

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In February 2019, I was featured live on Good Morning Britain to discuss my Liam Neeson story. I also discussed that story with the BBC and CNN.

While covering Harvey Weinstein's trial in 2020, I spoke to WNYC's The Takeaway, twice, and to WAMU's 1A, also twice.



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